The United Ambulance Story

Our journey as United Plus began in 2009 as a home health care provider. The Owners realized that there were other services that were needed by their clients so they expanded into the wheelchair services and then later into the non-medical gurney van services. They started with one Gurney Transport Vehicle and a drive to become the finest EMS transportation company in the Greater Bay Area.
We quickly grew and in 2013 we had 18 Gurney Transportation Vehicles and 3 Wheelchair Transportation Vehicles. Strategically, United Plus set a path forward to begin a Basic Life Support (BLS) Transportation Service, hiring Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) to provide Basic Life Support to those in our care.
In 2014 we purchased our first BLS Transport Vehicle and changed our name to United Ambulance! Since then, we have grown and currently own and operate 13 BLS Ambulances staffed with two EMT’s each. We continue to provide non-BLS transportation as well and currently staff 5 non-EMT Gurney Transportation Vehicle.
Today, United Ambulance is a multi-divisional company providing non-medical transport for those patients that do not required medical assessment and care, BLS Transportation services to those needing medical attention during transport, providing First Aid and Emergency Care to those attending Special Events in one of our many contracted event facilities, and Emergency Transportation to patients needing critical care oversight and management while serving along side Petroleum Helicopter International (PHI) crews.

Our Future
As we look to our future growth, we anticipate the use of Critical Care Transportation (CCT) vehicles, employing Critical Care Registered Nurses, Paramedics and specially trained EMT’s. In addition, we are beginning the process of developing and deploying Strike Teams to communities in need during natural disasters and needing rapid extrication.